Welcome to Tacony Billiards

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In Philadelphia, PA

 Where we cater to both

   People looking for a fun night out


World pro players.

At Tacony Billiards you can PLAY POOL, … EAT GOOD FOOD, … DRINK AT OUR BAR … and have a good time till 2:00 in the morning (7 nights a week). Plus, (featured in our Bar) we have a “DJ” playing your favorite music every Friday, and Saturday nights … with lots of great drink specials! There's always something happening at Tacony Billiards .. every day and night!

ENJOY OUR $13.00 EVENING SPECIALS (after 8pm) – 7 DAYS A WEEK. (read more).

LADIES PLAY FOR “FREE” ON WEDNESDAYS (all day).  (So, come down and join us on Wednesday for a FREE night of pool, lots of drink specials at our bar, and good food.)

$4.25 DAYTIME SPECIAL:   Come and play pool all day for just $4.25 per hour/per person, 7 days a week till 8pm. Or, you can come in any night after 8pm and play for just $7 per hour / per person.

At Tacony Billiards, you can enjoy playing pool .. 7 ‘days and nights’ a week. We feature “POOL and DART LEAGUES” various nights, every week. Ask how you can join a pool or dart league today. (Beginners are always welcome!)

Tacony Billiards, which opened in 1992, has become the place where “players” come to meet, play pool, drink, eat and have a great time. So, no matter whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced level pool or dart player, you’ll have a great time at Tacony Billiards.